Alex Dunn Trio

Genres: Americana , Folk , Folk Rock

Friday, November 29

9:00 PM (21+)

No Cover


Featuring Jonti Siman - upright bass, and Cameron Peace - guitar

Seattle, Washington might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of country-tinged acoustic music. Remember, though, the city was born as a timber town and gateway to the gold rush. Since the days of the old (north) west, the loggers, miners, and mariners that built this town would fill time between work putting their tales to music.           

On his debut LP Scattered Poems, Alex Dunn stakes his claim as the latest in a long line of hard-worn men and women making American music in this northernmost port. Written primarily in the quiet moments on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaskan waters, the record is filled with reflections on the many iterations of that primary preoccupation of the truly remote. “As cliché as it may sound, the overarching theme of this record is love” says Dunn. “Each song might be its own story, but it always comes down to love; love for my mother, for my grandmother, love for my family. Love for lovers, unrequited love, and love purely for this simple chance at existence. As my mother always said, ‘to love and be loved is all there really is’ (which is now engraved on my guitar strap.)”

The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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