Mes Copines Gitanes w/ The Savage + Carlson duet

Mes Copines Gitanes w/ The Savage + Carlson duet

Genres: Bossa Nova , Gypsy Jazz


Mes Copines Gitanes ("My Gypsy Friends") met in Seattle in 2015 through a mutual love for gypsy jazz, and the desire to support women musicians working within a traditionally male-dominated genre.  With the addition of vocalist Eve Sun in 2016, Jennie Mayer (guitar), Melanie Moralez (guitar) and Adrienne Reed (accordion) have joined with Seattle-based bassist Rachael Contorer for an all-female lineup at their Musiquarium debut, featuring French and American Swing tunes of the 1920s-40s.

The Savage:Carlson Duet is comprised of multi-instrumentalist and educator Ken Carlson and songbird percussionist Trish Savage. They enjoy jamming out their interpretations of jazz standards and original tunes while mixing in flamenco guitar pieces for a unique experience.



Triple Door

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Seattle, WA 98101
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