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You searched for events or artists with genre Rock.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Adam Williams Trio

Genre: Folk , Fusion , Jazz , Rock

  1. Tuesday, August 14 5:00 PM (21+)

Featuring Joe Doria and William Mapp.

Daniel Rapport Trio

Genre: Blues , Jazz , Rock

Daniel Rapport Trio feat. Jacob Evans and Jeremy Grant Buller play The Triple Door Musicquairum 9-midnight. 

Eric Rice Band

Genre: Blues , Rock

  1. Saturday, July 21 10:00 PM (21+)

Eric Rice has been known in the Northwest blues and rock scene performing live on many stages. Opening for many national blues and rock acts through the years and taking his act to the festivals, Eric has the experience and confidence to deliver a hard hitting show. His attack on the guitar and the stories he tells with conviction and wisdom are as honest as the voice he uses to deliver his message. The ownership of tunes written by his influences is amazing. Eric can take a tune we have enjoyed for a lifetime and breathe his own life experiences into it to give a classic song a new existence. Joined with the best musicians the Seattle music scene has to offer his show will always have a quality that is hard to beat. The partnership with Scotty Harris on bass and Andrew Cloutier on drums is a language that has been developing for all the years they have spent together. Improvisation is effortless with these 3 as their time together makes the musical conversations between them only found in the moment. The new album “Devil’s Nursery” is packed with the hard driving groove and wit you would expect to hear from Eric. This is the 3rd of 3 albums so far produced by Eric recently and another is on the way. 

Freudian Slurp

Genre: Funk , Fusion , Rock

Freudian Slurp just released their second album in early spring of 2017. The clarinet and saxophone driven compositions inspire images of characters and landscapes, with cinematic build ups that are evocative of car chases and fight scenes.

The album features a cast of Seattle locals, and Californian transplants. The Hughes Brothers, (pioneers with the Mo’Jam Monday house band: Dylan Hughes, electric bass and Ian Hughes, electric guitar) grew up in Seattle, and met their drummer, Kyle Kirkpatrick, in a jazz combo at Shoreline College. They have played with him in various groups for almost a decade.  Saxophone and clarinetist David Dolengewicz, and keyboardist, Travis Fisher, both hail from Southern California and have come to Seattle for the music.  David studied Jazz Arranging at the prestigious North Texas University before moving to Seattle and meeting Ian Hughes through local jam sessions. Travis moved with his band “Cosmopolites” to seek a larger musical market.

“Suave, melodious jazz funk that should appeal to fans of Chick Corea, Grant Green, Donald Byrd, and Ben Sidran.” -Dave Segal with “The Stranger”

“The musicianship and interplay of Freudian Slurp are impeccably tight, as are the arrangements and compositions the band comes through with, but they aren’t so complex and challenging that you can’t just sit back in your chair and bob your head along to their songs” – Northwest Music Scene

(Get it?) shows a new direction for the band from it’s predecessor Edible Complex. After some lineup changes, and years of playing shows and festivals around the Northwest, the group’s sound has battle-hardened. The groove is tighter, the sounds are fuller. Slurp has both embraced a fully instrumental sound, and unleashed their early Grunge influences to create something much less restrained.

Jeff "Drummerboy" Hayes

Genre: Blues , Rock , Roots Rock

Playing traditional blues - like Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, Delta, jump - DRUMMERBOY is a revolution in roots music like no other.

Known by his peers as one of the best blues brothers on the circuit, Jeff Hayes has been banging his drums on a dozen recordings with five different bands that included top talent from Washington, Oregon, Mississippi, Colorado and the U.K. You can find him lending his beat, plus songwriting & lead vocal credits on many pressings over the years.

Playing live is where Jeff is home and he has graced the stages of the major festivals in the Pacific NW and several national festivals including the San Felipe Blues Festival in San Felipe Mexico, King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, AK and the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR. He has played along side such greats such as the late Pinetop Perkins, Michael Burke, Bob Margolin, Mookie Brill, Peter Damann, Eden Brent, John-Alex Mason, Robbie Jordan and Eric “Two Scoops” Moore.

Seattle Pride: Sick Womxn & Queers Show - Featuring Manybest, Leland Chazen and Nic Masangkay

Genre: Benefit , Indie , Rock

Raffle and Prizes!

A Benefit to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQ community healthcare access. Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare! Let's sing and dance our way to this dream of equity! Funds will be split between artists and additional donations can be made to LGBTQ health organizations and individuals such as Leland Chazen who are fundraising for life-saving surgery they cannot afford.

Manybest is a queer psychadelic folk music project by Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm (KPH) and Conor Whelan. They formed as a band when Kaeley was ill and mostly bedridden for three years, and they turned music into an outlet for healing. Kaeley funds her medical treatment by posting music for her patrons on and the band performs around the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their rhythmic, interactive harmony-licous story-telling. 

Leland Chazen is an Iranian, Jewish, white, fat, chronically-ill poet and a co-curator of The Sick Womxn & Queers Shows! Leland is an Educator and Chronic Lyme Disease advocate/activist. Their Chapbook "Timestamps" was published in 2017.

Nic Masangkay is a 25-year-old, multiply-marginalized poet, music producer, and singer-songwriter based in Seattle. With poetry Buzzfeed claims “will leave you speechless” and music the Seattle Times reports is "synth-pop with overlaid vocals in the style of Reggie Watts," Nic is incredibly grateful that anybody wants to listen to the art that they create to survive. Embraced by Seattle’s LGBTQ writing community at 18-years-old, Nic has since gone to perform their poetry locally and nationally - opening for Andrea Gibson twice, and reading alongside some of their arts-activist heroes like Leah Lakshmi Piepszna-Samarasinha and Anastacia Renee. They also speak and keynote at LGBTQ events, some including Pride ASIA and the University of Washington Qolors Reception. At College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) 2013.


The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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