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You searched for events or artists with genre Singer-songwriter.

Ms. Fridrich w/ Katie Kuffel

Genre: Singer-songwriter

Ms. Fridrich is an indie duo fronted by pianist, singer-songwriter Sarah Fridrich, who collaborates with jazz-trained drummer Kirk Kubicek. They create music that has been compared to Regina Spektor and the Dresden Dolls. Sarah and Kirk strive to create catchy, off-kilter songs that are doused in rich harmonies and energized with rhythmic interplay between the piano and drums. In addition to being an accomplished teacher, Sarah has produced two albums of her original songs: 2007 self-titled EP, and 2011 full length CD entitled "You Call That Brave". In 2009, she was awarded an Individual Artist Grant by the Montgomery County Arts & Humanities Council; and in 2011, she was recognized as a Finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her original song "Anvil". Sarah Fridrich has a B.A. in "reading books" from St. John's College, and a 2nd B.A. in music from the University of Maryland. Kirk Kubicek, also has a BA in music from UMD and loves to teach. He is an in-demand drummer, who plays alongside his father - double drums - in the popular DMV band "On The Bus", as well as with Philly folk-rock outfit "My Son Bison", and multiple projects that range from folk to jazz improvisation groups in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas. Sarah & Kirk met in 2011 and have done three DIY tours as far north as Montreal and as far West as Colorado.  New single "Nights at The End of The World" was release March 2015.   Their song "Brighter" was won "Honorable Mention" from the 2015 MidAtlantic Song Contest.  In 2016, Sarah & Kirk played shows from Seattle to DC, across the Western mountains and MidWestern farmland, on their fan-funded "Lighter Bones" Tour.  September 2nd, 2016, they released a new EP: "Lighter Bones".  Their 3rd album "Last Brick Laid" will be released later this year.

Katie Kuffel grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she pursued performance and songwriting after being trained in both cello and piano. Her lyrics are steeped in nuance and tackle concepts like femininity, mental health, and the complexity of emotions. Balancing whimsy and self-awareness, playful music and thoughtful lyrics, her alt-pop/blues tone coupled with her strong, rich voice is sure to leave its mark. Watch "Table Song" here:


Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333