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You searched for events or artists with genre World.

Duende Libre

Genre: Jazz , World

Duende Libre is an uplifting power trio featuring longtime collaborators Alex Chadsey (piano/keyboards/compositions), Farko Dosumov (electric bass) and Jeff “Bongo” Busch (drums & percussion). They are frequently joined by Chava Mirel and Frank Anderson, two dynamic and engaging vocalists.

Duende Libre utilizes the American jazz tradition as a point of departure for daring explorations of rhythm & influences from the Americas, Europe and Africa yielding catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and wholehearted groove. Their second album Drift was released June 15, 2018 and is now available online.

"Duende Libre is aural balm for the soul, medicine that goes down easy, and will leave you healed in both body and spirit. Daily use is recommended.”      -- Earshot Jazz (Seattle, WA)

Mambo Cocktail Hour w/ Elspeth Savani

Genre: Latin , Jazz , World

  1. Tuesday, February 19 5:00 PM (21+)
  2. Tuesday, March 05 5:00 PM (21+)
  3. Tuesday, March 19 5:00 PM (21+)

Mambo Cocktail Hour w/ Elspeth Savani

Savani and her band are stepping out with their original blend of latin jazz. Traditional rhythms of Cuba and South America are given flight with jazz arrangements and sensibility. The songs breathe with a deep lyricism, inviting the audience into a rich and unpredictable musical landscape, where cha-cha-cha, vals, and swing meet like old friends on the dance floor. "Savani's voice can, at times, eclipse all else" - Descarga "A seasoned vocalist in the company of excellent musicians" - Latin Beat


Genre: World

Mochima is a trio dedicated to the spread of joropo, merengue, parranda and all other Venezuelan musical styles.

The New Triumph

Genre: Latin , Jazz , Soul , World

  1. Thursday, February 28 8:00 PM (21+)

"The Seattle septet pulses with the universal rhythms found in Latin, African and American soul music. Camilo Estrada, the band's leader, and main songwriter came to jazz later in life, with a youthful love of funk obviously contributing to his music today. Estrada guides a fantastic band through his catchy compositions and his playing never disappears into the mesmerizing drumming of (Ricardo) Guity and Adam Kessler. Catch 'em live, pick up a CD, and keep your ears open"  - Abe Beeson, KNKX


The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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