Rochelle House, Evan Flory-Barnes and Martin Budde

MQ Stage & Lounge - No Cover!, 216 Union Street, Seattle

"House is present for her music, not as an accompaniment or conveyance of formulas and conventions, but as a spirit who inheres and vivifies forms and expectations." - Earshot Jazz Magazine

It is with deep empathy and a singularly unique passion that Rochelle House displays her vocal quality and original compositions. She has a way of grabbing the audience/listener and pulling you into the moment of that exact moment, HER moment, in whatever tune she is singing. One get's the sense that she is feeling the music's message all the way to her core. Her singing is not flashy, but shot through with qualities that support the tales she sings. Rochelle House shares the stage with many of Seattleā€™s favorite jazz musicians.