“Por Qué No?! Life is short!” Starring Mama Tits featuring Diego Gurrero

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Mama Tits is got off her 8th season in Puerto Vallarta more specifically, The Palm Cabaret and Bar and now she’s hitting the road and taking the show on tour!

Por Qué No?! – Life is short

“If life has taught us nothing recently it’s that the world can change in an instant. So what are you waiting for?! Buy that outfit, go on that trip, see that show and spoil yourself! You’re worth it!” – Mama Tits

Flamboyant, Soulful, Reflective, Defiant, Brave, Sexual and Always Hilariously Crass, audiences just love Mama Tits! Her show combines buttery smooth vocals with heartfelt stories and lessons that touch everyone willing to open their hearts and minds.

Mamas’ show is mainly geared towards the LGBTQIA+ audience while also making room for friends and allies. The language is R rated, but the show is L rated for Love. She’s wickedly wise and oh so funny. And this Mama can singggg! This show is a must-see!

$25 General // $35 Premium