Shannon Curtis: The Good to Me Tour

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

"Combining elements of concerts, TED Talks and visual art, the show places the album's 1980s-inspired synth-pop numbers in the context of what inspired them: climate change, rising fascism, and Curtis' anxiety about — and hope for — the future." — Emily Hamilton, Seven Days VT

How will empathetic people survive the troubles of this time? How do we rescue our overburdened spirits from overlapping disasters such as rising fascism and climate collapse? And from where can we summon the power to heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet?

These are the animating questions behind Shannon Curtis’s new album Good to Me — a song journey that took Curtis through a practice of identifying failed coping mechanisms (“From the Inside Out”), coming to terms with radical acceptance (“Be With What Is”), learning to trust her inner truth (“The Silent Sea”), and reconnecting to her serenity and power (“I Am”) — even as the world continued to burn.

With their move into theater spaces, Curtis and her husband, record producer Jamie Hill, have designed an immersive narrative journey of personal empowerment, complete with high-energy musical performance, scripted storytelling, and enveloping video art. More than a show, it's an experience — intended to leave you a little different than it found you.

$25 General // $30 Premium