The Sonic Guild Grant Celebration

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Celebrate Seattle’s local music community with Sonic Guild’s 2023 Grant Recipients at The Triple Door on February 17th! Recognizing both past and current recipients All Star Opera, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Byland, LIVt, Maya Marie, Monsterwatch, Richard Simeonoff, Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder, Terror/Cactus, TeZATalks. The celebration will combine artists grant acceptances and live performances by current and past Sonic Guild artists and silent auction.

Since 2020 Sonic Guild has distributed over $350,000 to Seattle’s music community. The 1st Annual Sonic Guild Grant Celebration will feature captivating performances and award presentations, recognizing the significant impact of reinvesting $100,000 into our music community in 2023.

Sonic Guild members enjoy complimentary access to the annual Sonic Celebration, monthly shows, and exclusive experiences with local musicians. Member dues fund our annual grants, and members actively vote for recipients and select the onstage musicians. With limited public tickets in high demand, secure your spot for this sell-out event celebrating community, music, and collaboration! Join today for free VIP tickets:

$50 tickets until 2/1/24 - $100 after