Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Supernova is a Seattle-based Led Zeppelin tribute super group with a cast of 6 world class musicians: Jeff Kathan, Susan Morais, Manuel Morais, Joe Carolus, Dirk Leuenberger and Kenny Wood.

This All Star cast have come together to honor their mutual love for Led Zeppelin’s entire body of work. Bringing their individual strengths and talents to pay tribute to Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the late great John “Bonzo” Bonham, they leave no stones unturned. From the searing riffs of I Can’t Quite You Baby and Stairway to Heaven, they will also take you down the emotional rollercoaster of 10 Years Gone, Over the Hills and Far Away, Ramble On and Thank You.

Classic hits like Whole Lotta Love, Rock & Roll and Physical Graffiti are interlaced with rock sensations such as Misty Mountain Hop, Song Remains the Same, Custard Pie and Good Times, Bad Times. While nothing Led Zeppelin ever did was a B-side, let’s never forget Hey, Hey, What Can I Do - and expect to hear more greats like The Rover, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Sick Again, and Southbound Saurez.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an evening with Led Zeppelin, deservedly honored as the greatest rock music band in history. Seats are limited but you may find yourself in the aisles before this set is concluded anyway.

$25 General // $30 Premium