National Guitar - The Music of Paul Simon w/ the Jenner Fox Band

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

NATIONAL GUITAR is a Paul Simon tribute band featuring Pacific Northwest all stars musicians from Polecat, Petty or Not, Skillethead, and the Jenner Fox Band. The ensemble was formed on a fateful election night when they found themselves listening to “American Tune” and discovered a mutual reverence for Paul Simon. National Guitar performs a range of Simon’s music from Garfunkle to Graceland and everywhere in between. Come prepared to sing along, groove, and celebrate some of the finest music from a true American original.

The five piece band features piano, organ, electric guitar, bass, dobro, acoustic guitar, and layered vocal harmony. With decades of arranging and touring under their belts, National Guitar brings new life to Simon’s beloved catalog.

JENNER FOX BAND There is something that happens inside a good song. A tootsie roll can take you back to your elementary school playground; a list of baby names becomes a prayer; the voice of a toothless refrigerator man reminds you to say “I love you.” Jenner Fox tells the stories of people and places with unparalleled compassion and respect. His artful tone, poetry, and fluency on his guitar do something only the brave ones do: let us in.

$25 General // $30 Premium